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Kitazato 是研究、开发和制造用于人类辅助生殖的医疗和生物技术产品的国际领先公司之一。
我们对辅助生殖领域的最大贡献之一是 TheCryotop® Method 的开发,该方法普及了卵母细胞和胚胎玻璃化冷冻技术的革命性技术,并确保其在全球范围内实施。 在过去十年中,成千上万的专业人士信任 The Cryotop® Method 提供的出色结果,使其成为人类配子冷冻保存领域无可争议的市场领导者。
我们目前拥有来自广泛产品类别的 550 多个参考资料:
玻璃化培养基、Cryotop® 和 Repro 板
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Kitazato is one of the leading companies, at an international level, in research, development and manufacturing of medical 

and   biotechnological products for human assisted reproduction.

One of our   largest contributions to the field of assisted reproduction has been the   development of The Cryotop® Method, which popularized the revolutionary technique of   vitrification of oocytes and embryos and secured its implementation at a   global level. During the last decade, thousands of professionals have placed   their trust in the fantastic results offered by The Cryotop® Method, making   it the undisputed market leader in cryopreservation of human gametes.

We currently   have more than 550 references from a wide range of product categories:

Vitrification   Media, Cryotop® and Repro Plates

IVF Media   and Paraffin Oils

Micromanipulation   Pipettes

Oocyte   Retrieval Needles

Embryo   Transfer Catheters


Other instruments and equipment