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Targeting cancer through enhanced tumor visualization

While the complete removal of residual cancer at the tumor margins during the surgical resection of solid tumors is closely linked with improved cure rates, it is often difficult for even experienced surgeons to distinguish cancerous tissue from normal tissue. Visual differentiation is needed at the cellular level.


Our molecularly-targeted probe binds to enzymes that are overexpressed in tumor tissue, activating a brightly fluorescing dye.  This proprietary probe can identify and bind to multiple cancers including lung, breast, ovarian, colorectal, and brain, among others. When injected prior to surgery, the probe “lights up” cancerous tissue and gives the surgeon a clear visual guide for the removal procedure.


Vergent’s approach directly addresses the clinical need and market opportunity for advanced visualization in open, laparoscopic, and robotic surgery procedures, while uniquely retaining the pricing flexibility required for success in a value-based healthcare system