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作为药品制造商,rebiol SPRL受比利时联邦药品和保健产品局监督。rebiol SPRL符合gmp要求。此外,rebiol开发了不同的程序,以确保根据欧盟编辑的推荐指南对Stimufol进行药物警戒随访。
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embryo culture medium

embryo freezing medium, 

The main activity of Reprobiol concerns the preparation, the control and the distribution of Stimufol, a veterinary drug based on FSH and LH and used in order to stimulate follicular growth in ruminant species. Used in females with a high genetic value and in good management conditions, Stimufol allows the induction of superovulatory responses.


Reprobiol SPRL is supervised by the Belgian Federal Agency for Medicines and Healthcare Products as a drug manufacturer. Reprobiol SPRL works according to Good Manufacture Practices (GMPs). Additionally, Reprobiol developed different procedures in order to insure the follow-up of Pharmacovigilance of Stimufol according to the recommended guidelines edited in European Union.


Finally, the staff of Reprobiol is open for scientific advice concerning different aspects of animal reproduction: follicular growth, ovulation, pregnancy…

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