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SLR Research 是行业领先的全球供应商,提供广泛的基本生物材料和服务。无论是研究——还是他们自己产品的开发——实验室、研究机构、监管机构、医院和世界各地各种规模的制造商都使用我们的生物材料。

SLR 提供范围广泛的疾病状态和正常血浆或血清、特殊/深奥抗体、对照/校准物以及我们的 IRB 临床样本库。我们广泛的材料库存经过高度表征,可满足各种反应性特征,包括自身免疫、内分泌、胃肠道、心血管和传染病。有问题的疾病状态材料,包括假阳性、假阴性和干扰物质,也是可用的。材料可用于单个供体单元、大容量池、临床标本、组织和其他体液。
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plasma or serum



Going back to the early 1980’s, SLR Research, and its predecessor, has over 40 years of experience in the autoimmune field. We are continually chosen by the most respectable laboratories, research facilities, regulatory agencies, hospitals, and manufacturers throughout the world for our technical understanding and biologic materials. There is a reason why.


Our mission has always been to benefit the only person that matters – the patient.

We are published research pioneers and experts in autoimmune disease – such as Franklin Kozin, MD, author of the college textbooks for rheumatology, and Carol Peebles, MS, MT(ASCP), the most published and referenced expert of IFA in the world.

A few of our renowned academic and clinical consultants and associates are Eng Tan, M.D., Marv Fritzler, M.D., Ph.D., Carlos Von Muhlen, M.D., Ed Chan, PH.D., Robert Fox, M.D. – the past President of the Sjogren’s Foundation, and before his passing, Robert Nakamura, M.D.

We have distinguished ourselves with progressive research and noteworthy studies with such agencies as the National Institute of Health (NIH).

We are a chosen supplier of material for the College of American Pathology (CAP), the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) for autoimmune disease Reference Standards, and NEQUAS for European proficiency panels.

We are the sole producer of the Association of Medical Laboratory Immunologists (AMLI) Consensus Reference Panel.

We are also the advisors and supplier to Quest Diagnostics for their autoimmune controls.

Pioneering research – innovative products.


SLR was specifically recruited as the primary consultants to Bio-Rad for the development of the revolutionary Bioplex 2000.

We have consulted with Becton-Dickinson for new flow cytometry applications, and performed the R&D for the first FDA approved confirmatory ImmuStrip ENA Test System with MarDx, now owned by Trinity. This means of testing is now utilized globally.

We have also been the beta site for various BioPharma companies.

As an academically oriented company we have in-depth understanding of the needs and requirements for development, research, trials, etc. It is this first-hand experience that allows SLR to supply the expertise and materials that are sought after world-wide.


Our FDA registered, HIPAA compliant and IRB approved facilities are located in Carlsbad, CA and our donation centers are located throughout the USA.

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