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NSJ Bioregents的员工20多年来一直是生物技术界抗体生产领域的一员。NSJBio为生命科学界提供了经典、广泛使用的单克隆抗体和市场上新出现的前沿、单克隆和多克隆抗体,以及经重组单克隆和人类蛋白质微阵列验证的抗体,包括癌症、肿瘤生物标记物、凋亡、免疫学、,细胞生物学、转录因子和表观遗传学。
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The employees at NSJ Bioreagents have been part of the antibody production field of the biotech community for over 20 years. NSJBio provides the life science community a source of both classic, widely-used monoclonal antibodies and leading-edge, new-to-the-market, mono- and polyclonal antibodies, as well as recombinant monoclonal and human protein microarray validated antibodies, in all areas of research including Cancer, Tumor Biomarkers, Apoptosis, Immunology, Cell Biology, Transcription Factors and Epigenetics. Many products are offered at multiple sizes to better fit researchers testing needs and budget constraints. Comprehensive product data sheets provide product information and testing data images and are backed up by experienced technical service. And all products are 100% guaranteed to work as stated on the product data sheets.

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