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athCon Laboratories是一家总部位于亚特兰大的私营公司,其欧洲子公司PathCon Laboratories EU位于克罗地亚萨格勒布。PathCon的科学家是退伍军人疾病领域的领先专家,为酒店、银行、保险、政府、医疗保健、设施管理和工业卫生等广泛行业的客户提供分析、预防和根除服务。

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Malt Extract Agar


Rose Bengal Agar

Blood Agar (commonly used for Anthrax analysis).

athCon Laboratories is a privately-owned company headquartered in Atlanta, with a European subsidiary, PathCon Laboratories EU in Zagreb, Croatia. PathCon scientists are the leading experts in Legionnaires’ disease, offering services of analysis, prevention, and eradication to clients in a wide range of industries, including hospitality, banking, insurance, government, healthcare, facilities management, and industrial hygiene.

In addition, PathCon currently produces high volumes of microbiological media including Malt Extract Agar, TSA, Rose Bengal Agar, and Blood Agar (commonly used for Anthrax analysis).