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SINUS 成立于1998年,位于德国海德堡,如今是生命科学研究领域最成熟的中心之一。

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Isoelectric Focusing

Genetic Purity Maize

Biochemicals A-Z

Carrier Ampholytes

Maize Hybrid Purity Kit

GelGrip TM

SinuTab TM

DiluPorc TM BTS+

DiluPorc TM LongTerm

Biological Buffers


SINUS was founded in 1998 in Heidelberg, Germany, today one of the most established centers in life science research.


The company was started with the mission to supply high-quality products to research laboratories. The focus of SINUS products has always been biochemistry, life sciences and bioseparation, i.e. separation of biomolecules by electrophoretic techniques.