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Worthington生产了超过7000万件的气球时间,Coleman, Bernzomatic和Worthington品牌的消费产品,用于工作场所,家庭和户外活动。
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Worthington processed 7.5 million tons of steel and is the largest purchaser of steel in the United States behind automakers.

Worthington is the largest alternative fuel cylinder and system supplier in the world, manufacturing 500,000 units last year.

Worthington manufactured more than 90 million cylinders and accessories for markets in more than 70 countries.

Worthington produced more than 70 million Balloon Time, Coleman, Bernzomatic and Worthington-branded consumer products for jobsite, home and outdoor activities.

WAVE, Worthington’s joint venture with Armstrong World Industries, produced 1 billion linear feet of ceiling grid last year – that’s equal to eight times around the world.