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1951 年,在杜邦取得成功后,约瑟夫·J·克拉克勒 (Joseph J. Krackeler) 在纽约奥尔巴尼创办了一家科学分销公司,主要供应实验室化学品和玻璃器皿。在 1970 年代初期和接下来的 36 年里,罗伯特·克拉克勒 (Robert Krackeler) 和威廉·克拉克勒 (Robert Krackeler) 和威廉·克拉克勒 (William Krackeler) 指导公司并监督公司从区域性关注和少量产品发展为拥有数百个顶级品牌和全国客户群的公司。罗伯特专注于销售和营销,威廉专注于财务和运营。
Krackeler Scientific 成立近 70 年和随后的两代,是一般实验室用品、大型和小型设备、化学品、生物试剂、色谱耗材、组织培养产品、精密生物试剂盒、培养基和补充剂、实验室安全产品、个人防护装备,以及您想在科学领域找到的任何其他东西。我们全面的产品线代表所有领先的科学制造商,可以通过我们的网站订购。我们现在为生物技术、纳米技术、生命科学、制药、生物医学、环境、临床、食品和饮料、大麻和工业领域的学术、政府和私营部门客户提供服务。我们的家仍然在奥尔巴尼,但我们的影响力是全球性的。
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In 1951,   after a successful career with DuPont, Joseph J. Krackeler started a   scientific distribution company in Albany, New York, primarily supplying   laboratory chemicals and glassware. In the early 1970’s and for the next   36 years Robert Krackeler and William Krackeler guided the company and   oversaw its growth from a regional concern and a small number of products to   one with hundreds of top-line brands and a national customer base. Robert   concentrated on sales and marketing and William’s focus was financial and operational.


Almost 70   years and two subsequent generations after inception, Krackeler Scientific is   a leading, full-line distributor of general laboratory supplies, large and   small equipment, chemicals, bioreagents, chromatography consumables, tissue   culture products, sophisticated biological kits, media and supplements, lab   safety products, personal protective gear, and just about anything else you’d want to find in   a scientific space. Our comprehensive product line represents all the leading   scientific manufacturers and can be ordered through our website. We now serve   academic, governmental, and private sector customers in the biotechnology,   nanotechnology, life science, pharmaceutical, biomedical, environmental,   clinical, food and beverage, cannabis, and industrial sectors. Our home   remains in Albany, but our reach is global.


Thank you for your business in the past and we look forward to working with you in the future.