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Kromasil 产品线在市场上已有 30 多年的历史,由一个专门的团队制造,也称为 Kromasil 团队,该团队拥有广泛领域的技能。我们致力于为 HPLC/SFC/SMB 开发出色的填充材料,以提高分离步骤的效率并降低成本。
当第一批 Kromasil 硅胶基填料投放市场时,它们极大地提高了液相色谱的效率。这种新型填料之所以如此独特,是因为它结合了高孔体积和表面积,以及非常高的机械稳定性。今天,这种性能组合仍然是市场上其他色谱填料无法比拟的。
Kromasil 是 Nouryon 的品牌,前身为 AkzoNobel Specialty Chemicals,这是一家全球性公司,在 80 多个国家/地区拥有约 10,000 名员工,是一家基本化学品生产商,在强大的合作伙伴关系中共同致力于实现业务增长、安全、可持续性和创新与客户。
Kromasil® 是诺力昂在全球多个地区的注册商标。
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With more than   30 years in the market place, the Kromasil product line is made by a   dedicated team, also called the Kromasil team, a group of people with skills   in a wide range of areas. We are dedicated to our mission to develop   outstanding packing materials for HPLC/SFC/SMB, to improve efficiency and   decrease costs in your separation step.


When the first Kromasil silica-based packing materials were

introduced   in the market, they greatly improved the effectiveness of liquid   chromatography. What made the new packing material so unique was the   combination of high pore volume and surface area, together with a very high   mechanical stability. Today this combination of properties is still unmatched   by other chromatography packings on the market.

Kromasil is   a brand of Nouryon, formerly known as AkzoNobel Specialty Chemicals, a global   company with about 10 000 employees in over 80 countries, a producer of   essential chemistry with a shared commitment for business growth, safety,   sustainability, and innovation, in strong partnership with customers.


Kromasil® is a registered trademark of Nouryon in a number of territories in the world.

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