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Kuhner AG 是面向国际市场的摇床的领先开发商和制造商。 这家家族企业由 Adolf Kühner 先生于 1949 年创立,现在由他的儿子 Markus Kühner 领导。 从台式振动台到大型工业振动台,库纳提供最高质量的机器。
我们努力了解您的科学和栽培需求,以确保解决方案加快您的上市时间并提升您的成果。 我们致力于赢得客户的信任并建立跨越数十年的关系。
除了核心振动台业务,Kuhner AG 还是瑞士优质实验室设备品牌的经销商。
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Kuhner AG is   the leading developer and manufacturer of shaking machines for the   international market. Founded in 1949 by Mr Adolf Kühner, this family   business is now led by his son Markus Kühner. From bench top shakers to large scale industrial shakers, Kuhner   offers machines of the highest quality.

We endeavour   to understand your science and cultivation needs to ensure solutions   accelerating your time to market and elevating your results. We commit to   earning the trust of our clients and establishing relationships which will   span decades.


Alongside the core shaker business, Kuhner AG is also a distributor for premium brands of laboratory equipment in Switzerland. 

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