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Korean Cell Line Bank产品代理

韩国细胞系库 (KCLB) 位于首尔国立大学医学院癌症研究所。 1993 年 8 月 31 日,韩国细胞系研究基金会 (KCLB/KCLRF) 获得了世界知识产权组织 (WIPO) 批准的《布达佩斯条约》第 6 条规定的国际保存单位地位。KCLB 目前得到韩国国家研究基金会 (NRF) 和教育科学技术部 (MSIP) 的支持。 KCLB 也是 NRF 支持的韩国国家研究资源中心 (KNRRC) 之一。
韩国细胞系库(KCLB)是韩国最大的生物资源中心之一。 KCLB 不仅从不同的实验室收集细胞系,而且还不断开发新的细胞系。我们还分发我们的细胞系,并为研究人员提供有关细胞系的详细信息。
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Korean Cell   Line Bank (KCLB) is located at the Cancer Research Institute of the Seoul   National University College of Medicine. On August 31, 1993, the Korean Cell   Line Research Foundation (KCLB/KCLRF) acquired the status of the   International Depositary Authority as specified in Article 6 of the Budapest   Treaty approved by World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

The KCLB is   currently supported by the National Research Foundation (NRF) of Korea and   the Ministry of Educational Science and Technology (MSIP). KCLB is also one   of the Korean National Research Resource Center (KNRRC) supported by NRF.

Korean Cell   Line Bank (KCLB) is one of the largest biological resource center in Korea.   KCLB not only collects cell lines from diverse laboratories but also   continually develops new cell lines. We as well distribute our cell lines and   provide researchers with detailed information about the cell lines.


Our five main roles are establishment, collection, distribution, Deposition, Service of cell lines.